Depth Branding

Inspired by the term "Depth Psychology", the Depth Branding lens assists you in integrating the branding process with your deepest values.

So you can create the business of your dreams.

Make work energizing.

Give your love into something which reflects love back to you.

Depth Branding can be tapped into independently, or as Step 4 of The Storyweaving Strategy.

Two free PDF downloads

The first PDF is "A Primer on Depth Branding". An introduction to the concept of aligning your true self with your brand. 

The second PDF describes the 12 archetypes, a tool which is sometimes assists us in Depth Branding projects to deeply identify and connect your deepest values to the emotional needs of your customers.

Please note: Currently these forms do NOT email you with a link, they forward you directly to the PDF.