I often have clients who are trying to figure their partner out,

Trying to win their partner’s affection,

Subtly trying to manipulate things into going their way…

What they don’t realize,

is that they are going to win no matter what.

Because heartbreak is Freedom.

If someone has more heart to break, there’s more personal power wanting to come in.

People seem to think that the goal of relationships is to live a stable and comfortable life.

No, people are addicted to drama for a reason. This is an evolutionary feature (when made conscious).

We look for every possibility for conflict because we are seeking help with breaking our hearts.

The more our hearts break,

the more voltage enters our system,

the more innocently we can see ourselves,

and the more we can possibly help others.

Winning an easy and seemingly balanced life is not going to light the soul on fire.

Winning a beautiful lover who needs to be happy and comfortable is not going to fulfill your purpose on this planet.

Conflict is here to frustrate you until all of the frustration is conscious.

That’s the gift. A more valuable gift than any other.

If we get the priorities backward, we forget to value personal power and we objectify another person as a trophy.

Let this be a wake-up call:

Your life is bigger than whom you bone.

Your life is bigger than the approval you receive.

Your life is bigger than these constantly fluctuating emotions.

As soon as you realize that you are winning no matter what, there are much bigger fish to fry.

If you feel to reach out, I am here



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