The difference between someone who is awake and someone who is not is the quality of Seeing.
If we cannot See accurately, we are operating on assumptions.
Most of what we see is stories, not actual reality.
And so, giving ourselves permission to alter those stories, even to something completely fictional and irrelevant, quickly reveals that if the story can be changed that easily it’s not really true. It’s not really “who I am”.
We become so invested, so much momentum into one particular story that the inconvenience of changing it tends to outweigh the desire to See accurately.
But that seeming inconvenience ALWAYS catches up with us one way or another until Seeing is actually the most obvious choice.
Sometimes the story had to get to an absolutely absurd place in order for that to happen.
This reveals #1 that absurdity is always an option, and #2 that such a shift in energy had the power to change things.
For writers, it is well known that truth is often stranger than fiction. This is why.
Own it, and then fiction can become as real as the truth.

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