The Quantum Theater Works

As seen on the strategy page, one of the foundational steps to Storyweaving is The Quantum Theater experience.

You can download the Free PDF about “How the Quantum Theater Works” here.

This extracts and deepens a storyteller’s orientation to which stories they want to tell, how they want to tell them, and where the journey takes the viewer (inside of themselves).

The Storyweaving Strategy was born of the lessons learned from hundreds of individual Quantum Theater sessions.

This is one of the fastest and most effective emotional processing tools on Earth, helping participants arrive at a deeper and more truthful place after each session.

A session consists of A) Identifying an emotionally charged polarity B) Mapping out a scene specifically designed to neutralize that polarity and C) Playing out the scene to discover the deeper truth awaiting behind the unprocessed version of the story.

When we supplement our life experience with this rapid integration process, the internal story itself is detoxed and our ability to create an effective experience for others skyrockets to new heights.

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You can experience QT in action at Dark Lightning Performances