"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players" -Shakespeare

Each day, most people are “going through the motions”, lacking any true creativity or spontaneity.

Our suppressed emotions lead to unhappiness, illness, and self-sabotage.

There is much more life available than most people allow themselves access to.

For most people, it is scary to allow our true being to come out – to become active when all of our lives we have been conditioned for passivity.

Activation of dormant power requires a very strong intent. Building our Will to act is outside of the realm of conventional wisdom.

It becomes especially confusing to distinguish between human willpower and true spiritual Will.

This is the difference between the Dream and the Dreamer.

The Finite and the infinite.

The Tonal and the Nagual.

The body/mind and the Spirit/Soul.

The Screenplay and the Screenwriter.

The Now versus the New.

The Quantum Theater is an immersive role-playing modality which is specifically designed to weave this paradox together into a unified field. To create harmony, strength and sufficiency inside of ourselves where previously there was deficiency, self-sabotage, neglect, and avoidance.

The lead facilitator of The Quantum Theater is Joshua Edjida. He draws primarily from his own experience: a decade of working with individuals. He also incorporates knowledge from Toltec shamanism, Taoist, Buddhist, and secular non-duality traditions, scientifically backed trauma healing, traditional plant medicine protocols, as well as intimacy based leadership development.

Throughout the journey, Carolin Nobles will offer her gorgeous sound healing gifts. Singing, shamanic rhythm, and other instruments create an unforgettable soundtrack for an unforgettable weekend.

Kerri Krizer will support us through offering somatic movement opportunities to help us integrate the energies of the experience, based on her background in yoga and dance.

Below you can get a taste of Joshua’s work with Carolin’s music underscoring it. 

Your tuition for the event includes a link to the full 50 minute guided meditation which you can listen to as advance preparation for the event.


Limited space, please reserve your spot early. Everyone will receive personal attention.

Each day will be a full experience within itself. Many teachings will be based upon the underlying Toltec principles, however there is no experience or prerequisite necessary other than an open mind and willingness to fully participate.

Everyone is responsible to handle their own food and transportation, [we can assist in possible rideshare]. 

Scholarship pricing available for low income participants.

More about Joshua Edjida. More about Carolin Nobles. More about Kerri Krizer.