Superfans are just one of the positive side effects when you tap into Storytelling

STEP 0: Entrance Agreement

If you Open the Portal, it Must be Completed

These days, everyone is trying to get ahead. The vast majority of society runs on survival. Automated algorithms. Most people are on autopilot. This includes our storytellers, the most influential people in society.

Our most powerful tool has been hijacked by an obsession with survival motives. Politics and celebrity and marketing now dominates most aspects of storytelling. We’ve forgotten our roots. We’ve lost touch with the true purpose of storytelling: Transferring Wisdom. 

The Art of Transformational Storytelling brings us back to what is truly important. However, this journey is not for the faint of heart. It requires questioning everything about ourselves that we hold dear. All of our lives thus far are now…a story. And the future is a story yet to be shaped. In order to embark upon this journey, a portal must be opened. That portal is your agreement to complete the process. 

Partially completed processes created the mostly useless storytelling environment we find ourselves immersed in today. Agreeing to complete the process requires a leap of faith into the unknown. 

There is no way you can really know what you are signing up for. Only those who have a deep knowing of “YES” are able to embark upon step 1. If that’s you, congratulations on your journey.  


STEP 1: ImageDetox

Discover Basic Assumptions

We all have basic assumptions. Ideas of where we “must” go, things we “must” do. Visions of what seems necessary. These assumptions are based on unconscious beliefs and subtle imagery planted deep within us. The first step in our process is to define reality vs our distorted [imag]ination. Stripping human applied meanings and getting down to the bare universal mechanics of reality. We call this discovery process the “ImageDetox”. More details below.

STEP 2: The Quantum Theater

Personal Integration

Wherever you have unfinished internal stories, loose threads, and unresolved issues, these restrict the flow of our creative abilities. We can resolve these issues using “The Quantum Theater”, our proprietary identity simulation tool for dissolving mental fog, illusions, and chronic inner tensions. This results in a rapid ImageDetox – the release of unnecessary components that kept a toxic self-image intact. All great stories must come to an end, especially our draining inner conflicts. More details below. 

STEP 3: Storyweaving

The Creative Process

At this stage, we can more clearly differentiate between reality and the distracting personal narrative. This adds enormous clarity to the story we want to tell. It’s now possible to translate the emotional beats of your personal journey into your content production. This is where your gold lives. It’s time to unleash the genius. [Depending on the configuration, this may or may not involve our writers and/or your team.] More details below. 

STEP 4: Depth Branding

Business Integration

A storytelling project is much more than the experience of the story itself. Every story is a also brand, and vice versa. Every supporting decision is a branding decision. From hiring the right production staff, to creating the website, to the choice of production format. There’s a lot of moving parts. Depth branding is a holistic approach to bringing all supportive elements in alignment with cohesive messaging, to convey the story within the story, both with your audience and internally as well. More details below. 

After these 4 Steps, your business and your life will be changed forever.

Please contact us if you’d like to setup a consultation for more specifics on what we can do for you.

What is ImageDetox?

The ImageDetox process is the initial stage of getting up to speed with understanding how humanity has been infiltrated by addictive and repetitive imagery. Controlled through hits of dopamine and cortisol, this subtly abusive protocol for entertainment is the “norm” in our culture. To be a point of detox for our culture we need to detox ourselves.
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What is The Quantum Theater?

By working through various blockages in your own story [using The Quantum Theater and other tools], we will discover and integrate the disowned power in your own life which so badly wants to be included in conscious awareness, and therefore within the storytelling process.
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What does Storyweaving mean?

Storyweaving takes a truly holistic bird’s eye approach to storytelling by integrating the storyteller’s true experience more authentically into the process. 
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What is Depth Branding?

Depth Branding is the process of branding from person>up rather than asking the person to conform to an inhumane, inauthentic, or inflexible business [AKA business>down].

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