Every person has their own “Story” of how they arrived where they are. This is always true. However, as a person transforms their perspective their understanding of their story also transforms.

As business people and entrepreneurs, this very much applies to the value being created, and therefore the very essence of the brand as well. As a perspective shifts around a personal story, motives and passions also become new and fresh in the process.

So what is Storyweaving? It is the process of creating a tapestry of someone’s life work thus far. Combining useful experiences and insights from the past, along with an open and expansive view of the future. It is combining personal interests and curiosities alongside those of potential customers who feel a resonance with the same.

Let’s take my interest in writing as an example of a straightforward Storyweaving process.

I write so I can go on a journey. It is deeply personal to me, and it assists me in forming conclusions about intuitive nudges I have not yet explored.

I want others to come with me of course, but the initial journey is for me.

The journey can be through fiction or non-fiction. Either way, it generally contains a story arc, a hypothesis, a development and expansion of a smaller concept toward a bigger one.

And this journey is of course not “going anywhere”, because one can stay physically in the same place from beginning to end. However, by the end of it, both I and the reader generally feel “as if” we have just traveled somewhere. The more impactful the writing, the more life can be seen through a fresh new lens.

The more the author has been consciously exposed to their own tender parts, the more precisely and movingly they are able to touch upon the tender aspects of the reader.

And if the author has managed to actually resolve fear and convert it into power, they can create an experience that essentially does the same for an audience.

As I am writing this, I can sense that we are about halfway through this piece. Even though I am not telling a “story” here, the story structure is still very present. It is so in every single decision and every single movement, from small to large. Stories exist within stories within stories. Thus, whether we are discussing creating transformational content (screenwriting, books, games), or if the topic is focused on creating alignment within a brand selling widgets, the story aspect is a consistent key.

It is said that “There are no new stories”, and yet weaving these layers of stories together creates a wholly unique framework for understanding the world. Everyone is living stories within stories, and it is simply recognizing them and illustrating them or making them tangible and accessible in some way that creates value.

Every single brand, whether it is a large enterprise or a solopreneurship, has an array of perspectives available through which to view its unique offerings. A seemingly minuscule shift in perspective, even a slightly new understanding of their personal story, has the potential to completely shift a brand from low gear into high.

Even though Story can technically be considered invisible, brands and businesses are absolutely built on this foundation whether they own it or not. It is never too late or too soon to weave together the old with the new, to discard the irrelevant, and to make space for curiosity and expansion.

Individual stories always come to an end, but life continues to go on and so our work must be constantly updated so that the basic nuts and bolts that define our day-to-day lifestyle can keep up with the tapestry of our own actual evolution.

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