Inspired by the term “Depth Psychology”, Depth branding takes the concept of business value proposition and deepens it to include a true alignment with the whole person. An alternative name for such a lens could be “Holistic Branding” or “Aligned Branding”.

It can be easier to understand Depth Branding by understanding what is NOT Depth Branding.

Most brands are strategically aimed at manipulating target audiences to have a certain craving. Cravings/Desires can either come from fear and seeking of comfort, or they can come from an authentic willingness to truly move forward. To honor our deepest selves.

The word “manipulation” gets a bad rap. It’s not evil by any means. Hugging or encouraging someone to help them feel more comfortable, for example, can be considered a positive form of manipulation.

The truth is: customers long to be manipulated — in healthy ways which actually move them forward.

And it can be tricky to discern which type of desire is pulling on us.

For example, a new piece of very efficient exercise equipment comes out. Their advertising reaches customers, who then long for it.

But the question is, are they afraid of not having it and not getting fit? Or are they deeply inspired and open to a radical change? A primal knowing of what it looks like to honor themselves?

Typically, the answer to this depends on the depth of the branding. The subtleties of the voice through which the business reaches them. The thoughts and emotions systematically catalyzed in the advertising and brand awareness process.

A brand that comes from alignment is going to naturally exhibit true generosity and fearlessness. This cannot be faked. It will be inspiring because it is real. Reading this and taking it as “advice” won’t work. It can only ever happen through a deep process of facing ourselves. A willingness to see our core business motives. A willingness to get real about what you might even consider to be the “ugly” parts of what drives you.

Depth Branding shifts everything, in only the best ways.

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