1. The Foundation. Branding is not a logo, colors, or anything tangible. It is a business’ core message.
  2. Humanity. A business is not alive on its own, it depends on people. An aligned business is aligned with real people. It is intimately tied with the values of these real people.
  3. Natural Flow. Most businesses operate out of alignment with the people who run them, creating unnecessary stress and burnout, consolidation techniques (such as vacations/time away). This also creates illness and stagnancy in individuals.
  4. Core Message. Everything in the business can be traced back to branding. From the business model, products and services, to the hiring choices, location choices, computer operating systems, etc. The choices which make up the entire business operation and the resulting culture is the brand.
  5. Truthful Excavation. Blind spots in the individuals running a business directly correlate with blind spots between the business and (potential) customers. Perceiving the business as separate is imaginary. Excavating blind spots in the people who run the business inevitably re-shapes and restructures the underlying motive (and offerings).
  6. Defining Success. The definition of success of a business is inherited from those who run it. If their definition of success changes, so does the business’ definition of success.
  7. Business-Body Connection. The subconscious minds of those who run the business hold the keys to unlocking a business state of Depth Branding. The body is the subconscious mind. Therefore, the body already knows the truth of the direction in which the business needs to move. By intentionally challenging the patterns of the mind, the deeper motives can be revealed and actualized.
  8. Genuine Trust. Most businesses approach the world from an extractive perspective, locked into scarcity and fear of survival. This is why greed, manipulation, dishonesty, and misrepresentation are so common in the business world. When the people running a business are able to deepen and expand their relationship with survival, it releases the unnecessary pressure from their business and allows for a new level of trust. Trust leads to more trust, and a business radiating trust is highly attractive to customers.
  9. Customer Connection. Businesses that go through a Depth Branding process have a new ability to connect with customers who have also gone through a deep process themselves. By raising the bar of alignment (a synching between the business and the people running the business), the spectrum of qualified customers naturally increases. This may or may not include raising the lowest tier standards of the business. Doing so may result in the business becoming suddenly unattractive to those who are clinging without the possibility of reciprocation. Businesses in this kind of alignment may become repulsive to customers who are engaging for unhealthy reasons. This generally increases the bottom line, as these types of engagements tend to cost more in support and upkeep than they actually provide.
  10. Expansive Expression. A business is not meant to be just “busy-ness”. It is ideally meant to be a container through which the people running the business can truly expand. Therefore, a business that has gone through the Depth Branding process is not limited to merely serving the purpose of the clients, and accumulating finances for the owners. Additional to these factors, an aligned business serves as a container for the unbridled expression of those who run it. A platform through which they can expand in every direction, and tap into their absolute genius. Nothing less will do.

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