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We will help you find the deepest, most powerfully touching transformational opportunity within your immersive story concept, series, or brand experience

The Art of Storytelling holds perhaps the deepest and most profound possibilities for transformational experiences of all art forms.
For eons, stories have been used to frame and reframe events. To lift people out of their perspectives, and to create entirely new ones.
In order to be truly effective Storytellers, we must have gone on a journey of our own. We must have gone through the forsaken and redemption process in some way. We must have learned to surrender to the story that was happening outside of our control.
Whether we look at this as "the hero's journey", or a deeper process of death and rebirth, every powerful storyteller integrates their own emotional experience into the story they want to transmit to others.
Stories without this essential component always fall flat. "Great effects, but two dimensional characters". We hear this all too often. Creators who objectify the stories they tell are ultimately doing so because they objectify themselves. Wriggling free of this paradigm requires a vast courage.
They say "creativity can't be taught", and in a way that's true because it's not a learning process, it's actually an unlearning process.
If you know you're ready to go deeper into your own story, to stir up the deep magic which wants to make its way to the hearts and minds of your audience, we  look forward to meeting and perhaps being of service.

Create Inevitable Branding

We will help you find the deepest, most powerfully touching transformational opportunity within your concept, series, or brand experience

As you can see in the section above, we also assist with content development. This is not a coincidence. Branding is a form of content, and content is a form of branding. Owning their interconnectedness is the key to the demographic experiencing the potency of a truly distinct message. When done properly, competition is not even a consideration. Just like people, each brand has the core potential to absolutely radiate a unique signature. While not intended to land with "everybody", the appropriate people feel an innate draw to learn more and bathe in the solution being offered. Like the missing piece to the puzzle of their life. 

We specialize in serving:

-Transformation oriented audiences. People who have first-hand experience that doing things the old way simply does not work, and are looking for practical solutions to life's toughest questions. 

-Working with Open Minded and "early adopter" type audiences. The ones who are researching, "pinning", and checking frequently. Winning over these potential "super fans" is what catalyzes everyone else.

-People centric audiences. Community is key for almost every business, and tapping into people who value people makes our job a lot easier.

Facilitator Training using The Quantum Theater Methodology

-Empower yourself or your teammates with an emotional processing tool which can and will alleviate any restrictions to creativity. Bending the mind allows it to perceive new possibilities.

-Learn how to use story to heal the subconscious mind, and simply live a happier life.

-Weave unconscious stories together into one contiguous through-line. Be more productive, focused, intentional. kind, and clear.

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