The Story You 
Write is only
as powerful  as
the Story You've Lived.

If you're a professional screenwriter, you already know how important it is to tell a good story.

But you are at the point where you're ready to not only tell a good story but a great story that wins awards,
receives rave reviews, and moves an audience.

You know there is

an epic story

inside of you

But every time you start writing, your mind goes blank.

You keep thinking about it, keep trying to analyze it and figure it out.

But that's precisely what keeps you stuck.

ultimately, your inspiration 
stems from imagination.

Write's block is the experience of not being able to imagine yourself in
that story - as that character - which is why you are not sure what comes next.

Something in your own story may be blocking your ability to connect with or imagine
a variety of different scenarios.

This core issue is
our collective hypnosis, 

our collective disempowerment.

A storyteller behind a veil of illusory confidence is not doing their audience any favors.

It requires a great humility and an acknowledgement of the incredible responsibility a storyteller faces in connecting with their audience.

By restoring full functionality of our ability to see accurately,
we can then tell stories which also empower our audience to see themselves and the world
more accurately.

We understand the challenges screenwriters and filmmakers face in their creative process..

sometimes it just feels hard

to tell a great story.

because before you can  tell  great story,  

you first need to live it

Storyweaving shows you how to 'live your story', giving you an intuitive

understanding of how it unfolds before you ever begin to write it.

 By the time you're finished, you'll never stumble over writer's block again.

 And your stories will inspire, empower, and captivate your audience 
no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Transformational Storytelling is an Experience Meant to Create

a Lasting Change.

Yet many in our modern era have forgotten the latent power held in a great story: the power to inspire, educate, and move people in ways that change their lives forever.

For the past 8 years I've worked with clients to tap into their own rich inner reservoir and tell more powerful stories that not only impact their audience but themselves. 

Whether you're an aspiring filmmaker bringing and epic story to the screen, or a screenwriter wanting to craft a script that resonates with your audience

 I'd be honored to assist you in creating a powerful story that leaves a mark on your audience, yourself, and the world.

Lead Storyweaver:
Joshua Edjida

The greatest stories transform
those who tell them.

You're ready to: 

Excavate the stories you tell yourself to gain
clarity into what colors your own internal narratives.

Rewrite your past into a powerful story and
resolve any underlying tension blocking your creativity.

Master the art of "living a story" and learn to tell
tales on the fly.

Discover the fundamental archetypes of storytelling,
a powerful map you can return to for inspiration.

Completely overcome writer's block once and for all.

Storyweaving is an in-depth guide for orienting the adventurous storyteller towards a new way of life and
a new way of Storytelling.

Most storytellers and filmmakers are conscious or
unconsciously attempting to manipulate the audience.

This approach has worked for a long time because people have been enamored
by the technology of moving pictures.

But now, audiences are wising up, and standards have increased significantly. 

This is unlike any other course in filmmaking or storytelling,
because this course gives you a very specific tool and approach for digging deeply into
the very core of the human condition.