Storytelling Style 7

Enneatype 7 is called The Enthusiast, The Epicure

The personal evolution of the Epicure is propelled through a tension created by their fixation: the need for freedom and enjoyment and the fear of pain or limitation, which reflects the polarity of superior versus inferior. By embracing this tension as a tool for storytelling, the Epicure creates stories that honor both sides of this polarity. Through the act of storytelling, they explore the nuances of their own psyche, taking a step toward spiritual awakening and achieving a level of personal growth that is both empowering and transformative.

When Storyweaving, your work channels the spirit of:

PRESENCE and the Domain of Heirarchy

Your Storytelling Style is the orientation of your Ego Fixation, AKA your enneagram type.

Once upon a time, there was an author whose fixation on freedom and enjoyment had led them to a constant search for the balance between superior and inferior. They were driven by the need to create stories that honored their own unique perspective, yet were plagued by the fear of pain or limitation.

As a Storytelling Style 7, the Epicure used this tension as a tool for storytelling. They created stories that honored both sides of the superior-versus-inferior polarity. Through the act of storytelling, they explored the nuances of their own psyche.

Inspired by other famous thinkers and writers, such as Joseph Campbell and Barbra Streisand, the Epicure saw their own fixation as a path to personal growth and transformation. Through their stories, they explored the complexities of the human experience and the hidden depths of the soul.

Through the act of storytelling, the Epicure achieved a sense of empowerment and understanding. They learned to embrace both the highs and lows of their own nature, finding beauty and significance in even the most difficult of moments.

As the Epicure continued to write, they found that their own personal evolution was propelled forward by their fixation. They learned to embrace the challenges and limitations of life while also acknowledging the importance of freedom and enjoyment. By sharing their own struggles and triumphs through their writing, they were able to connect more deeply with readers and create stories that were both uplifting and inspiring.

The truth your stories help us remember:

The awareness that Reality exists as a succession of moments, each experienced as ‘the present’, and that it is only by existing in the present that the constant unfolding of the cosmos [can] be experienced. Only by working in the present can real work be done and real results achieved. -Ichazo, 1972

Your storytelling shadow may sound like:

“I am interesting and smart, and most people are boring and unimaginative. I deserve to chase my happiness at any cost.”

See, your Storytelling Style is what it is, because The Art of Transformational Storytelling is YOUR vehicle for transforming YOURSELF, with a side effect of transforming your audience.

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More details about type 7:

Type 7 Distorted Instincts

Fixation: Planning

Passion: Gluttony

Type 7 Undistorted Instincts

Holy Idea:

Holy Plan, Holy Wisdom, Holy Work

Virtue: Sobriety

Type 7 Emotional Polarities:

Sobriety vs Gluttony

Type 7 Obsessive Polarities:

Happiness (fun) vs Unhappiness (boredom)

What causes me stress:

Coping with the overload that results from trying to sample all that life has to offer.  Making the same mistakes over and over because of my desire to avoid pain.  Making commitments and then feeling trapped by them.

The nature of my anger:  

Brief and to the point.  Short-lived.  Episodic.  Impetuous.

The ultimate goal of my development:

To realize that in order to experience life fully we must be consciously present in the here and now; that we support and sustain ourselves and others by cultivating this conscious presence.

How I can further my development:


Notice when seeking pleasurable options is a response to fear of deprivation, a desire to escape from responsibilities that constrain my freedom, or an escape from pain.  Practice working on one thing at a time until it is completed.  Live life more fully in the present moment and less in the future.  Appreciate more deeply the feelings and concerns of others.  Realize that it is limiting to seek only the positive and avoid the negative.

What hinders my personal development:

A preoccupation with myself and what I want. Difficulty acknowledging anything negative about myself. Unwillingness to take steps that involve experiencing pain or conflict. Being easily distracted and diverted from deeper purposes or commitments.

How others can support my development:


Support me when I slow down and stick with commitments.  Let me know what their needs and wants are and how important their needs and wants are to them.  Encourage me to deal with pain, fear, and restlessness rather than escaping from these.

Wounding Childhood message:

“It’s not ok to depend on others for anything.” or  “Nobody will take care of you” or “You need to do things for yourself.” What type 7’s long to hear is “You will be taken care of.” Hearing this and understanding this allows the 7 to have a weight lifted off of them.


Comedian Steve Allen, Tim Allen, Desi Arnaz, Richard Attenborough, Denise Austin, Richard Avedon, Covert Bailey, Honoré Balzac, Humorist Dave Barry, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Chuck Berry, Poet Robert Bly, Sonny Bono, Comedienne Elayne Boosler, Musical comedian Victor Borge, Author Ray Bradbury, Terry Bradshaw, Kenneth Branagh, Richard Branson, Jimmy Buffett, Red Buttons, Michael Caine, Simon Callow, Mythologist Joseph Campbell, Pierre Cardin, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Jim Carrey, James Carvelle, Sid Ceasar, Blaise Cendrars, Chevy Chase, Cher, Maurice Chevalier, Buffalo Bill Cody, Joan Collins, Director Francis Ford Coppola, Filmmaker Roger Corman, Dan Cortese, NBC's Katie Couric, Singer David Crosby, e.e. cummings, Tony Curtis, Roger Daltry, Philosopher Ram Dass, Dana Delaney, Gérard Depardieu, Diderot, QVC President Barry Diller, Mickey Dolenz, Hugh Downs, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Federico Fellini, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, Physicist Richard Feynman, Eddie Fisher, Errol Flynn, Peter Fonda, Malcolm Forbes, Bob Fosse, Michael J. Fox, Author Robert Fulghum, David Frost, Clark Gable, Jerry Garcia, Ava Gardner, Carlos Casteneda's Don Genaro, John Gielgud, Dizzy Gillespie, Newt Gingrich, Jackie Gleason, Goethe, Ruth Gordon, Cary Grant, Andre Gregory, George Hamilton, Tom Hanks, Richard Harris, Phil Hartman, Goldie Hawn, Marilu Henner, Gregory Hines, Abbie Hoffman, Pianist Vladimir Horowitz, Jean Houston, Ron Howard, Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, Lauren Hutton, Clive James, Self-help author Gerald Jampolsky, Derek Jarman, Magic Johnson, Architect Phillip Johnson, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Actress Carol Kane, Michael Keaton, John F. Kennedy, Sr., John F. Kennedy, Jr., "Galloping Gourmet" Graham Kerr, Ken Kesey, Val Kilmer, Comedian Alan King, Don King,  CNN's Larry King, Comedian Robert Klein, Kevin Kline, Tommy Lasorda, Director David Lean, Timothy Leary, Director Barry Levinson, Puppeteer Shari Lewis, Artist Roy Lichtenstein, Singer Meat Loaf, Football's John Madden, Director Louis Malle, Bobby McFerrin, Author Henry Miller, Yves Montand, Dudley Moore, Desmond Morris, Robert Morley, Eddie Murphy, Jack Nicholson, Leslie Nielsen, Donald O'Connor, Peter O'Toole, Luciano Pavarotti, Author Joseph Chilton Pearce, Regis Philbin, Bronson Pinchot, Brad Pitt, George Plimpton, Vincent Price, Dennis Quaid, Anthony Quinn, Bonnie Raitt, Rajeneesh, Ron Reagan Jr., Basketball Coach Pat Reilly, Carl Reiner, Lee Remick, Little Richard, Filmmaker/Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl, Jason Robards, Novelist Tom Robbins, Jay Rockefeller, Ginger Rogers, Linda Ronstadt, Franklin Roosevelt, Interviewer Charlie Rose, David Lee Roth, Jerry Rubin, Economist Louis Rukeyser, Rosalind Russell, Babe Ruth, Soupy Sales, Susan Saint James, Director Martin Scorsese, Weatherman Willard Scott, Pauly Shore, Martin Short, Self-help author Bernie Siegel, Sissy Spacek, Gerry Spence, Steven Spielberg, Mickey Spillaine, Robert Louis Stevenson, Barbra Streisand, Quentin Tarantino, Lowell Thomas, Henry David Thoreau, Lily Tomlin, Robert Townsend, Tanya Tucker, Lana Turner, Peter Ustinov, Roger Vadim, Dick Van Dyke, Jerry Van Dyke,Voltaire, Kurt Vonnegut, Ruby Wax, Eli Wallach, Rolling Stone's Jann Wenner, Betty White, Robin Williams, Robert Anton Wilson, Jonathan Winters, Author Tom Wolfe, James Woods, Poet William Wordsworth, Director Franco Zeffirelli.

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