A Transformational Storytelling Course

Use narrative experiences to

change lives with surgical precision.

Seeking Filmmaker Guests:

We are 

We are searching for guest speakers who are working filmmakers, also interested in the transformational power of cinema.

Specifically, this is a course for up and coming filmmakers who are looking to receive guidance both as a film artist and as a career path.

Our course is about the art, and we need YOUR experience when it comes to career tactics and becoming aware of the the basic structures of the industry.

Learn more about the course below, as your interested participation in this topic will be essential.


A Transformational Storytelling Course

Use narrative experiences to

change lives with surgical precision,

and resolve your writer's block forever.

Stories are an organic phenomenon of nature:

They have been an essential component for human evolution.

And of course, as a storyteller you want to

maximize the impact of your storytelling. 

This course will help you tap into the truly Transformational Power of stories.

We aren't just writing stories - they are also writing us.

What's in Storyweaving?

Storyweaving consists of diving deeply into 4 steps,

each an important layer of your project.

Detailed videos within each step will help you to generate true transformation.

WARNING: If you apply the information in this course, your life will change drastically.

You will emerge more capable, creative and honest. 

You'll be more Yourself, and therefore a more impactful storyteller.

Along with the video series, this course includes these important guidance tools:



 Within our Mastermind groups, Storyweaving is a living being which keeps evolving weekly. Q+A and Community.




Enneagram test and info about each type. Tune into your  personal story tension.



Paperback coming to Amazon soon!



Designed specifically for amplifying your unique gifts.

Included in

Coaching packages.

Nothing impacts storytelling skills more than allowing your own story to change your life.

But let's be clear:

What does transformation actually mean?

It means:

Maturing the nervous system. 

Dissolving old beliefs. Calming our anxieties.

Owning ourselves and our lives. 

Becoming more powerful and clear.

Living more authentically.

When a storyteller properly uses The Storyweaving Strategy,

 their nervous system relaxes in ways it never has. 

This is a powerful experience for the storyteller.

A storyteller's powerful experience translates

into a moving journey for their audience.

 Here's what You'll Discover in this 4-Step Course:

Evaluate how your personality is oriented (AKA your storytelling style)

What does transformation mean for you specifically? Which tensions drive your viewpoint? 

Featuring the nine Enneagram Types.

Learn how to expand your storytelling style (by loosening the personality orientation)

Learn to move your inner stories forward using The Quantum Theater approach

Once expanded, you'll convert the transformational lessons into fiction

Storyweaving refers to the vulnerable process of weaving together the "emotional pillars" from your inner stories into your written stories. 

Integrate the Story's true themes into your brand and business model

Taking our internal story resolution process seriously means to make external decisions on who we have become in the process. Integrating our new values into business decisions is an important step (including the Storyweaving branding on this page!)

Your Facilitator:

Joshua Edjida

Joshua Graduated from film school in 2007, and then went on to run a video production company in NYC in 2011.

Since about 2013, out of great necessity, Joshua has learned to utilize transformational storytelling as a path on which he was able to ever increase the functionality of his brain by resolving inner stories.

In doing so, he invented an incredibly effective story based role-playing format [The Quantum Theater] which consistently provides precision tailored stories which has helped to unravel unnecessary psychological tension for hundreds of individuals. Storyweaving is the filmmaker's version of that tool.

What Others Are Saying:


"The Storyweaving course completely changed my approach to storytelling. I didn't realize how the "tried and true'" formula was coming from a place of desperation. Now I'm actually participating in the storytelling process authentically."


"WOW. Every time I hit a wall in my writing process I've been using The Quantum Theater methodology [from the Storyweaving course].

It's amazing. Now I recognize that every "dead end" is an opportunity. My creativity is unlimited!"

VR Filmmaker

"Immersive media content like Virtual Reality is amazing, but it can also be a one trick pony without a great story. Now that I recognize storytelling as the original immersive experience, my work makes a much bigger impact."

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