Storytelling Style 9

Enneatype 9 is called The Peacemaker

The personal evolution of the Mediator is propelled through a tension created by their fixation: the need for peace and harmony and the fear of conflict or disconnection, which reflects the polarity of sacred versus profane. By embracing this tension as a tool for storytelling, the Mediator creates stories that honor both sides of this polarity. Through the act of storytelling, they explore the nuances of their own psyche, taking a step toward spiritual awakening and achieving a level of personal growth that is both empowering and transformative.

When Storyweaving, your work channels the spirit of:


Your Storytelling Style is the orientation of your Ego Fixation, AKA your enneagram type.

Once upon a time, there was an author whose fixation on peace and harmony had led them to a constant search for the balance between sacred and profane. They were driven by the need to create stories that honored their own unique perspective, yet were plagued by the fear of conflict or disconnection.

As a Storytelling Style 9, the Mediator used this tension as a tool for storytelling. They created stories that honored both sides of the sacred-versus-profane polarity. Through the act of storytelling, they explored the nuances of their own psyche.

Inspired by other famous thinkers and writers, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Gloria Steinem, the Mediator saw their own fixation as a path to personal growth and transformation. Through their stories, they explored the complexities of the human experience and the hidden depths of the soul.

Through the act of storytelling, the Mediator achieved a sense of empowerment and understanding. They learned to embrace both the need for peace and the reality of conflict, finding a deeper sense of significance in even the most difficult of moments.

As the Mediator continued to write, they found that their own personal evolution was propelled forward by their fixation. They learned to balance the desire for harmony with the need for authenticity and action. By sharing their own struggles and triumphs through their writing, they were able to connect more deeply with readers and create stories that were both meaningful and enlightening.

The truth your stories help us remember:

“The awareness that though the laws which govern reality are objective, they are not cold, because these cosmic laws inevitably lead to the creation of organic life, and Life itself, like all natural phenomena, fulfills a cosmic purpose. As soon as the mind’s word mechanism is destroyed, love, the natural condition of the mind, appears. Love begins the moment man contemplates the Creation and says “Thank you, God.” All men feel this somewhat, no animal can feel this at all. Man alone can know that all comes from God.” -Ichazo, 1972

Your storytelling shadow may sound like:

“Everyone always makes a big deal out of things, and they are so dramatic. People should be more chill, like me.”

See, your Storytelling Style is what it is, because The Art of Transformational Storytelling is YOUR vehicle for transforming YOURSELF, with a side effect of transforming your audience.

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More details about type 9:

Type 9 Distorted Instincts

Fixation: Indolence (laziness/sloth)

Passion: Indolence

Type 9 Undistorted Instincts

Holy Idea: Holy Love

Virtue: Action

Type 9 Emotional Polarities:

Indolence vs Action

Type 9 Obsessive Polarities:

Peaceful vs Disturbing the Peace

What causes me stress:  

Taking a position. Saying no to someone and having that person get angry. Having to make timely decisions and set priorities. Dealing with a commitment I made that I didn’t really want to make.

The nature of my anger:  

Passive aggression, manifested as stubbornness or resistance. Occasionally “boiling over” and exploding.

The ultimate goal of my development:

To realize that we all are unconditionally and equally loved (accepted and appreciated for who we are as individuals), that our worth and well-being come from within.

How I can further my development:

  Pay attention to my own needs and well-being.  Use anger as a signal of feeling discounted.  Remind myself that my thoughts and opinions matter.  Notice feelings I may be blocking when I turn from my real priorities to substitutes.  Accept discomfort and change as a natural part of life.  Practice loving myself as well as I love others.

What hinders my personal development:

Feeling that I don’t count. Feeling that I don’t deserve to pursue my own agenda. Giving everything equal importance and consequently, missing my real priorities. Avoiding the discomfort and disruption required for change. 

How others can support my development:

Encourage me to express my own position.  Ask me what I want and need and give me time to figure out the answer.  Support me when I stand up for myself or express anger.  Encourage me to set and keep my own boundaries, limits, and priorities.

Wounding Childhood message:

“It’s not ok to assert yourself” or  “The needs/feelings of others matters more than yours” or “It’s not ok to rock the boat.” What type 9’s long to hear is “Your presence matters.”


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