While Male bodied wounding most often craves (feels safest) to be mothered, most female-bodied wounding most often craves to be FATHERED.

We generally desire to embody what we perceive to be lacking. Fear and Desire both arise out of wounding, and so we are attracted to what we fear.

More specifically, we are attracted to what we fear (and desire) BECOMING.

In looking through the lens of the dating world:

Just as cats hunt playfully, Women are more suited to choose Men and not vice versa.

Swarming like bees for pollen, Hunting as a form of Play. This illustrates the immense need to eliminate competition between women.

Men’s forays into hunting are strategic. It is not open-ended. It is targeted. This orientation is dangerous and tempts men into using and objectifying women.

It is natural for the woman to approach the man. A man in his truth is focused on his mission, not on women.

A man who is looking for a date is indulging in his addiction. He does not believe he is capable of embodying what she embodies.

Healthy men say NO to sexual encounters much more often than they say yes. This simultaneously provides feminine wounding the fathering experience they crave.

Female lions hunt for the pack because lions do not have the embedded PRIDE wounding urging them achieving a certain status based on their kill.

In fact, WOMEN are readily designed for decision making in the workforce as they excel in matters of community and finance. They are innately designed to collaborate and SHARE authentically, whereas men are innately less in need of community…which ironically when a man is experienced as a ‘safe’ person tends to experience community forming around them.

The common feminine stereotype of ‘Airy Fairyness’ is a result of the Feminine wounding craving becoming the Masculine because the True masculine is information which is of the air.

The ultimate symbol of masculinity is the Sun, while “Mother Earth” is, of course, the feminine.

The Kundalini rising (from the earth) brings the feminine (inner child) into the brain (the Sun of the Body) – which represents the inner parent.

Many times people have Kundalini awakenings prematurely, which means that their inner parent is not sufficiently developed and does not know how to handle the wildness of the inner child (integrated knowledge of boundaries).

Women do NOT need to learn how to surrender to men. Prioritizing that is literally INSANE.

Women need to learn how to trust their OWN will, to trust THEMSELVES. In doing so, they can then discern who is truly safe and who isn’t.

Then, they can spot a man in his addiction and will KNOW that surrendering to him would be irresponsible to themselves. In having that awareness and self-trust, surrendering to a safe and integrated man becomes automatic and does NOT need to be learned or practiced.

Average Women report a significantly higher amount of exercise and quality of life than men. Women report exercising for weight loss and toning more than men, whereas men report exercising for enjoyment more than women.

This is why we see almost all WOMEN in yoga classes, while men are out playing baseball, tracking sports stats (or their own sex stats), trying to lift a certain amount of weight, simply for the metric of achievement. Men are measuring their progress because subconsciously they hope that they can one day become as powerful as WOMEN.

This is also the cause of witch hunts: For centuries men have pulled every card to demonize and disgrace expressions of femininity.

Because they both fear and desire it.

Women are much more commonly found singing and dancing because they are generally more compassionate toward the subtle energetic needs of their bodies (the Earth). Women are much more likely to have eating disorders because they oscillate between fear and desire with food. Which is closeness with the Earth.

Men are more often aimed at PUSHING to achieve an external goal in order to symbolically change the public perception of themselves, motivated to make an impact (like the sun makes an impact). Making an impact then gives them ‘permission’ to change their perception of themselves.

When men ‘bulk up’ to appear a certain way, they are manipulating perspective to demonstrate the impact they can potentially make. Specifically, because they do not have the subtle energetic tools which women have, to make an INTERNAL impact, and thus they believe they need a woman to accomplish this.

Men are generally addictively on the hunt for measurable glory, which they will later convert to positive feelings. Hunting for the Truth CAN be a healthy addiction when it is NOT connected to self-worth (when the larger part of the self-image is purified and restored to innocence). Male lions defend their territory because they are designed to protect their right to exist (information), NOT because they feel pride, and NOT because they fear shame.

Women are addictively on the hunt specifically and DIRECTLY by following the subtle energetics of the qualitative Truth, and generally NOT for the purpose of accumulating information. This CAN be a healthy addiction when understood as curation without attachment. This is why it is often said that “God is a Woman”, or that women are closer to the imprint of the Truth. Because Men’s natural addiction is one step removed from completely valuing this direct experience.

The Feminine innately embodies ACTUAL power, and thus the wounded feminine perceives KNOWLEDGE as power (scarcity perspective). They have forgotten that POWER is KNOWLEDGE, and they already HAVE IT.

Most everybody has this very backward.

The wounded masculine represents disembodied INFORMATION which desires to merge with the feminine by BECOMING power (and therefore desires to become a symbol of power). The wounded masculine cannot comprehend the true merging with their own INTERNAL feminine.

Well, that was fun! This was a very complex paradigm to unwind, so some small errors are possible and I reserve the right to modify as needed. Your processing helps my processing. Happy to answer any questions.

Thank you for reading. May this information bring you deeper self-trust, sovereignty, joy, and ease in your mission here on earth.

Feel free to share.


P.S. This corresponds with another writing, The Backward Masculine

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