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Take Your Audience on the Ride of their Life
Learn The Art of Transformational Storytelling


What is the Storyweaving Strategy?

There is a “place” within us where we know exactly what makes a transformational story. Finding this place is not always easy, but once we do we call this place “Storytelling Paradise”.

Learning how to use the Storyweaving Strategy to arrive at Storytelling Paradise is a profoundly powerful experience, and will affect your life in every area – not just storytelling. 

Based on the original knowledge of humanity, the Toltec Wisdom, there is an infinite depth to which this work can be developed. This is re-learning what it means to be a human.

How to apply the Strategy?

Applying the Storyweaving Strategy is a whole different experience than understanding it with the mind. Rational and intellectual understanding is never a sufficient placeholder for real knowledge.

Knowing in a felt sense empowers us to See Deeply, rather than seeing through ordinary eyes. Someone who has mastered the Toltec Knowledge is known as a “Seer” for this reason. The more Storytellers are also Seers, the more effective we are as a species. 

Applying the information is quite the feat, and this leads to true Seeing. Because skillful means are generally required for efficient evolution in this artform, the strategy is free on this website, and detailed in the book for anyone to easily access.

Working with us greatly increases the speed of Seeing your stories into creation.

About the Storyweaving Course

The Storyweaving Course is an in-depth guide for orienting the adventurous storyteller toward a new way of life and a new way of storytelling. 

Most storytellers and filmmakers are consciously or unconsciously attempting to manipulate their audience into simply feeling something. 

This approach has “worked” for a long time, because people have been enamored by the technology of moving pictures. 

But now, audiences are wisening up and standards have increased significantly.

This is unlike any other course in filmmaking or storytelling, because this course gives you a very specific tool and approach for digging deeply into the very core of the human condition.

This core issue is our collective hypnosis, our collective disempowerment. 

A storyteller behind a veil of illusory confidence is not doing their audience any favors. It requires a great humility and an acknowledgement of the incredible responsibility a storyteller faces in connecting with their audience. 

By restoring full functionality of our ability to see accurately, we can then tell stories which also empower our audiences to see themselves and the world more accurately. 


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