Mainstream Story Consulting vs The Storyweaving Strategy

A wise person is also known as a Seer because they can deeply See, amongst other things the hidden motivations. If a writer is writing from a place of self-importance, neediness, self-pity, and deficiency, it greatly behooves the writer to be informed of this and to become aware of their blind spots. Not to be told how to write, but to be told about themselves so that writing from a place of more integrity and power becomes the obvious choice.

In the Western world, we’ve forgotten the purpose of stories. Stories are for transferring wisdom. Transferring wisdom means the transfer of knowledge of the self. A good story is designed to help the audience to know themselves better. A wise person is someone who knows themselves. Most writers don’t know themselves and so their writing tends to be flaccid, weak, and not very impactful for the audience. A powerful story requires wisdom.

A story that is meant to make a significant impact on an audience requires that the writer have access to power. If a writer doesn’t have access to power, the best they can do is analysis. This is not authentic writing, this is manipulation based on self-importance, where most writers are coming from when they write.

No amount of writing analysis is going to transfer knowledge of the self to an audience. This has nothing to do with moral support, this is an issue of being faced with the harsh truth of our blind spots as writers.

It can be extremely uncomfortable to be confronted with our blind spots, and most people are not willing to do so. Knowledge of the Self is the difference between a good writer and an astonishing writer.

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