Seeing ourselves

Seeing ourselves is synonymous with self-realization.

And if we make our gifts and our shadows are known to the world, being seen by others helps us to see ourselves.

Don’t hold back your shining light for fear of codependency. Simply know your true motivations.

There’s no need to pretend you are completely altruistic in your actions. Wearing a mask doesn’t feel good.

Do it for you, own it.

Simply be aware that we are all using one another to evolve together and therefore to honor each other with greater presence.


Win/Win ?



Being ‘Evolved’ is NOT about:
How you spend your time
How you feel or vibrate
How awake you are
How much you’ve processed
Or who you know

It’s solely dependent on your ability and self-sufficiency to change…to EVOLVE. To be your own best parent[s] and lover.

The rest are all side effects.

Do you have the Masculine courage to behave outside of your old identity?

Do you have the feminine courage to surrender to deeply unfamiliar territory?

We must expand in BOTH directions or we WILL see the obvious consequences of avoidance.

We are attracted to drama

We are attracted to drama. Our nervous systems crave intensity and contrast. This is the unconscious inner conflict – the seeking of pain and self-sabotage which is so confusing to people. This is why we like stories with lots of drama, like discovering that I had ants crawling all over me. It makes things interesting and therefore to the nervous system (as long as it fits the safety of our identities).

So when we consciously own our darkness, the nervous system no longer needs to seek it out and find it unconsciously. And self-sabotage fades away.


A Man and His Life Force

Leaf Art
Art and Photo by James Brunt

Chasing Women, manipulating, controlling…. typical “toxic” behavior. This is all because we make it wrong to connect to ourselves and then have to get presence elsewhere. This is also why we dream….it supplies us with presence. Presence is life.

Someone has to be present one way or the other. This is the driver of all culture and social osmosis.

When we as Men CONSUME…when we energetically eat up our desire to control the behavior of the feminine…..when we tap the energy of that desire…own it…..process the grief inside it…

We gain access to nourishing ourselves with the life force attention we have been so desperate to receive from them.

Our shallow satisfaction in “getting blown” is often a thinly veiled DENIAL of our own power and our own potential to fuck ourselves ecstatically in every breath.

Addiction to porn, fantasies on repeat….these are the result of a decision saying “I am not more than this”. Right. As if you are not an infinite creator God. With access to Genius beyond words. We see you.

It’s in owning our deepest darkest desires…. and simply processing them…. that we can integrate disowned cells and even entire disowned organs in our physical bodies.

If we can fast from food and soak in Prana from the sun….we can also learn to generate presence without the reflection of another.

My path to Self-Generation of Presence:
I used to require a person to talk to….then I started recording audio clips of myself talking…..then I started chanting by myself…..then I started talking and chanting to myself in the mirror…then straight up having conversations with different aspects of my soul…then speaking in tounges…and in the end it all becomes distilled now into public content. Now I assist and encourage my clients to consume their desires and output the burning of this chaotic energy by speak gibberish just to finally let their personal denied energy to run free.

Part of this process is dietary and clearing out accumulated gut plaque so we can actually have some available organs to store the newly generated voltage of presence.

This message is about taking deeply intentional personal responsibility, not out of guilt, but because it fucking feeds us when done with the integrity of our own values.

If you’ve ever been curious about what loving ourselves actually means….there it is.

I help people cultivate presence if that’s what you’re committed to.


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