People speak about Triggers as if they are problems.

This is exactly the backward perspective in our culture.

This perspective is based on shame.

“This person is never triggered, so they’re cool. This person is triggered all the time, so they are annoying.

Let’s be the “Good” person, who never gets triggered! Yay!”

This is entirely driven by unhealthy self-images that are motivated to HIDE the Truth. To HIDE from the real issue.

I had a client recently who said: “I hope you don’t get triggered when I work with you, I tend to trigger a lot of the healers who have tried to help me.”

This may be completely True! And it’s only remarkable because those healers were afraid of their triggers.

My response “Actually, I’m planning on getting Triggered. That’s the medicine. That’s the doorway into the Quantum Field. If you don’t trigger me I’ll trigger myself!”

So, what’s on the other side of the fear of triggers?

Glory. Power. Truth. Clarity. Ease. Individuation.

A trigger is simply an activation of trauma. Trauma contains a HUGE amount of unprocessed energy. That energy could be from personal experience or it could be collective wounding.
This unprocessed energy contains TIME. We step out of TIME, when we step INTO a trigger. This is the liminal space, the quantum field, the awakened dream, the causal body, the core creator body. Whatever terminology is used, that’s where it’s hidden.

By embracing and moving into this experience, by clearly recognizing triggers as doorways and opportunities, we shed the SHAME with which they are typically associated. If you need an enemy, let it be the shame instead of the powerful expression.

People often imagine there is a ‘Right” thing to say. This is a blockage on our True expression. The “Right” thing is simply expressing the energy the nervous system is holding. It’s not a specific sentence, it’s a sentiment. It doesn’t even need to be heard by other people, it only needs to be heard by the individual whose system contains the trauma.

The uncomfortable truth MUST come out if we are to scrub our systems of distortion. To come back into alignment with our soul.

The MORE uncomfortable it is, the MORE power it contains. Power lives in pain. The pressure which creates pain is Power, which can be rerouted into our chosen focus. It’s uncomfortable because we are accustomed to disowning our power. We have been trained to be rule followers. We have been trained to avoid intimidating people. We have been trained to prefer weakness over being perceived as a threat. We have been trained to believe we are NOT innocent, to believe we are NOT angels, to believe we are NOT trustworthy with power.

This conditioning has prevented us from individuation from our parents and from the collective. The more deeply we see and VALUE our infinitely UNIQUE experience, the more we recognize our INDIVIDUAL gifts, the more we recognize that everybody’s gifts are entirely unique and that there is actually no competition. Living in a culture of deep permission is actually NOT dangerous. Living a life of deep permission is literally how we have been designed.

As we individuate, the clarity of our desires becomes louder than the collective noise which has previously been drowning us out. It takes focus and practice to amplify and act upon the true direction of our soul. Moving our focus into that stream opens up an infinitely expansive flow of power, which we can continue to exponentially increase by seeking and destroying all blockages with vigilance and precision. This decisive attunement further builds our self-trust and empowers us to assist others in the process as well.

Thanks for reading, happy to answer any questions. Feel free to share.


Photographer: Unknown

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